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Custom"Fit"Training/Performance/Post Rehab Strategy                 CLASS OFFERINGS: •ON IT CORE Yoga -  Calming effective combinations of isometric poses and optimal muscular activation with ground core stabilization routine sure to calm and condition.       ON IT Yoga™ featuring the BEAMWORK balance beam provides the ability to aquire a new level of "moving presence potential" improving the collaborative abilities of a balanced mind and body connection.  Our four dynamic yoga offerings give essential attention to the collaborative abilities of breath with focus of intention, while promoting structural balance of the body and supporting proper alignment and protection of the spine. Discover how our innovative, safe and highly effective ON IT Yoga programs offer a level of total body "neural strength conditioning" proven essential to maintain a healthy acitve lifestyle. All ages and conditions welcome!                       Check out our Exclusive ON IT Offerings Power Sport Jump  Taking Fit to the Next Level Balance ON IT   A Perfect Balancing Start for Everyone  •ON IT Yoga Action  Calm Conditioning for Clarity Bliss  •CORE Flex Yoga Collaborative Spinal Support  Sincerely, Greg Jankowski Founder         

Welcome to TRUMOVE™ -  Our wellness mission is to assist each individual on their road to self discovery and help identify, understand and accept that we are only as strong as our weakest link and through conscious heartfelt movement reveals true potential. •Something not feeling quite right?  •Tired of not feeling on your "A" game?  •Ready to work smarter and harder than you ever realized?

"See what wellness professionals want you to experience, physical therapists would love to challenge you with and what chiropractors are acknowledging as essential neural strength necessary to maintain a healthy active lifestyle."                                   ON IT YOGA Discover Moving Presence

Want to Learn More? How to GET ON IT?  Need Help with Balance Private In-Home Services including Balance/Fall Prevention for the Active Aging and Post Rehab Fitness Strategies. Give our team a call     (310) 422-8120                                                                                                                         

Fitness Professionals learn more about the BEAMWORK™ Trainer Course: Integrating Static and Dynamic Balance Progressions (recognized by NASM for 0.7 CECs) BTC Dates and Locations and how to host a workshop at your facility. © 2009-15 ON IT BEAMWORK, Inc. All rights reserved.


 Become a BEAMWORK™ Master Trainer and explore the many benefits you and your clients receive when you GET ON IT!




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About ON IT BEAMWORK Strength System™ OIBSS™

Bringing strength training to a whole new level, while Making Movement Matter™  If you are just starting an exercise regime, an avid fitness enthusiast or an advanced recreational athlete, the ON IT BEAMWORK Strength System™ (OIBSS) is sure to provide a lifetime of support in maintaining and advancing your fitness goals leaving you energized and having you looking and moving at your best.

The feature component is the one, and only, original BEAMWORK™ Balance Beam, our natural finish edition with its sleek design crafted and engineered to provide a steady progression of effective full body workouts is guaranteed to ensure optimal recruitment of the entire muscular system.


 "The BEAMWORK™ Balance Beam is a great product that people will appreciate and highly suggest it for anyone looking to stay functionally strong and balanced.”  

-Michael Tebbe Doctor of Chiropractic, Health Within Beverly Hills, California     


OIBSS™ offers time efficient workouts with exercises performed on the BEAMWORK™ Balance Beam guaranteed to burn maximum calories and enhance total body strength keeping you sure on your feet and strong at your game. With educational OIBSS™ DVD programs for every interest, age and fitness level including; ON IT Core, ON IT Yoga Action, Balanced ON IT, Real Time Strength, Jump ON IT, Real Time Performance, ON IT Seniors Balance and KIDS ON IT featuring Real Time Games.  Learn more about our OIBSS™ DVDs 


Who benefits and where do I begin?

Anyone and everyone can reap powerful benefits from participating with the ON IT BEAMWORK Strength System™

Gym and Yoga Enthusiasts obtain a powerful bridge to functional strength and mobility complimenting their existing routines

First Time Individuals beginning or re-entering resistance strength programs find the in-motion functional movements approachable and achievable

Recreational & Professional Athletes who desire to keep, "on their game" find the ON IT BEAMWORK® protocols compliment existing sports specific strength conditioning programs by simulating “real time" game movement patterns

Aspiring Child Athletes/Dancers looking to develop postural awareness, balanced strength and agility in their particular sport by utilizing their own body weight in various conditions

Post Rehabilitation Patients needing appropriate strength conditioning program to follow up and compliment their existing individual therapies


What is it? and How does it work?

"O.N.I.T.", stands for "Optimal Neuromuscular Intensity Training™", which translates into efficient activation and muscle recruitment, (on the BEAMWORK™ Balance Beam), during movements improving posture, functional output and increasing proprioceptive (balance) awareness.  Proprioception is a vital source of information that the nervous system uses to gather information about the environment to produce the most efficient movements. Simply stated, "Proprioception is the ability to know where you are and what the body is doing without having to look."

What are the physiological benefits from this type of training?

ON IT BEAMWORK® participants gain multiple benefits:

  • Increases agility in movement with daily activities, exercise and sports
  • Increase range of motion in legs, core, low back, shoulders and posture awareness for more structural efficiency
  • Strength improving the entire kinetic chain as an efficient unit
  • Balance necessary to help maintain functional stability
  • Burn maximum calories helping you to burn those unwanted inches 
  • Helps identify the weakest links and tight areas within the body
  • Reduce and/or relieve chronic and acute joint pain
  • Safe and effiicient workouts with maximum results
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